• Our Process

    Outstanding Quality and Professional Services

    We take a TEAM approach to our Operations. From Design, to Pricing, to Project Management… one COMPANY, one VISIOn.



    Business Development

    Our Process starts with the Customer, where our Business Development staff works to cultivate a “Partnership” in order to learn the Clients individual needs and expectations, as well as introducing them to the Capabilities and Process at 1st Choice Glass, Inc.


    With a highly experienced team of Estimators, we offer our customers a wide variety of products. Whether the project is a design-build, or has stringent specifications, we have formed alliances with the industries best suppliers, allowing us to conform to any Project requirement.

    Design & Approval

    Utilizing in-house and out-sourced design capabilities, we expedite the submittal process as required by our contractual obligations. For all of our projects, we offer complete detailed Shop Drawings, a wide array of Product Data, Warranty Information, as well as Sealed Engineering when required.



    Project Management

    Once design approval is received, the projects are forwarded to an experienced team of Project Managers where material procurement will begin. The Project Managers will attend meetings, facilitate construction, and establish contractor needs. They will individually manage each project from start to finish.


    This is where the physical process begins.  We start with our in-house, state-of-the-art fabrication department, where our skilled fabricators produce the product that will be installed.  Once complete, we transport all materials in a secure and protected manner, utilizing the best equipment available to guarantee you product arrives without any blemishes.  Onsite, we employ experienced General Superintendents, to coordinate installation as well as adding a secondary layer of field management with placing a Site Superintendent on every project.

    Safety & Quality

    At 1st Choice Glass, Inc., Safety & Quality are a main focus.  We employ direct individuals to constantly audit all projects from start to finish to ensure our methods are safe and that our efforts are flawless.  We take a  proactive approach to ensure errors and injuries are prevented through training, testing and constant monitoring.  “Safety is 1st Choice Glass”.




    We believe that just because the installation is complete, doesn’t mean the project is finished.  With our Internal Punch-List System, we expel multi levels of Inspections to ensure that Our Work is done correctly the first time, and if there are any discrepancies that they our corrected internally.  Our Process includes audits and Inspections not only from the Quality Managers and General Superintendents, but from the Upper Management as well.


    Our Project Coordinator stays on top of your Project, and make sure you get the Close-Out Documentation required. We view this as part of the process and deem it equally important.


    Once the project is complete, we stand by our product from start to finish. With our Extensive Warranty, we make sure that our product will last. Supported by an internal Work Order system, we track your concerns and make sure you are completely satisfied.